About us

Dear Customer:


We would like to introduce you to CESI/FOTSI.


Our business began in 1991.  Christine Killen Dwyer, owner and CEO, began in the industry in the early eighties, taking a fiber optic splicing course, going on to become one of the first full-time female fiber optic splicing and testing technicians in the country.  She has owned and operated a splicing contracting company since 1986.  Having an excellent working knowledge of products to be sold and skills needed for operating a successful business, Christine (Dwyer) and David Wing started the corporation in the fall of 1991.


CESI/FOTSI is listed as a small business by the SBA and certified as a WOMANS BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (WBE), by the Woman’s Business Enterprise National Council and Women and Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE) Clearinghouse by the California Public Utilities Commission, as a qualified woman owned and operated business.  Additional certification listings are available upon request.  Listed in Dunn and Bradstreet, fully insured and incorporated in the state of Missouri, and involved internationally, CESI/FOTSI has the capabilities to meet and exceed any current standards for this type of company classification.


Customized kits are a specialty of our company, providing efficiency and limiting waste for our customers.  Most of our customers have their own preferences in set-up and part numbers for restoration, closure, connector and cleaning kits.  CESI/FOTSI can provide the right amount of parts and specific tools, customized to our customer’s supply needs, for a particular backbone, on-site or any type of installation.  Customers will not need to search their “black hole warehouses” for many different products and have odd lots of inventory left over after the job.  This improves efficiency, saves time and money for our customers with this customized service.  CESI/FOTSI provides a list of all products that could be needed for customer’s own kit product.  This operation has been very helpful for just-in-time management of our customer’s warehouse inventory where space is limited and product tends to disappear.  Most of the job is already done for them by using our services.  CESI/FOTSI has also developed several cross-connect boxes for the FTTX applications. 


As a complete, one-stop source for the telecommunications industry, personalized, experienced service is yours with Communications and Electrical Supplies, Inc.



Christine Dwyer